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An Investment-Sport Lifestyle

Can one make a living just by playing games? The answer is yes, if one follows the balanced Investment-Sport Lifestyle, playing simultaneously the game of both stock investment and sports.

The stock investment is based on the Infinite Spreadsheet, and the sports career is based on jumpulse. The Infinite Spreadsheet is a mathematically rigorous solution of value. Jumpulse is a new physics concept responsible for prolonged contact, which is the secret of consistency in sports.

A young person of any age, from 0 to 120, can start a coaching or professional athletic career by getting a Jumpulse Coach Certification. The only qualification for the Certification is the ability to teach others how to double hit a ball. The athletic career should be supplemented financially by learning how to use, not necessarily understand, the Infinite Spreadsheet. The Infinite Spreadsheet Certification will help the young person to trade or to pick a Certified Infinite Spreadsheet trader to help him to trade in the stock market.

The combination of the Jumpulse and the Infinite Spreadsheet Certifications offered at the course should allow anyone to make a living by just playing games and to be completely independent of the society for a livelihood. This Lifestyle is the real double-hit!

To become a Certified Jumpulse coach (Receiving 40% for training future coaches)

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