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(Click Here for an Introduction in Chinese: Ta-You Wu Challenges Isaac Newton on The Solution of Touch)

Prolonged contact is the secret of consistency in sports. The method for practicing prolonged contact is double hitting. To achieve prolonged contact or double hitting, one must have precise timing and extreme acceleration. Extreme acceleration is achieved through Jumpulse, a sudden change of force. To prolong contact or double hit, the jumpulse must be applied within milliseconds after the ideal time when the racket and the ball have the same velocity during impact. Complete Automation Laboratory is promoting Jumpulse Sports in order to bring the attention of the world to the Solution Of Touch (Jumpulse).

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Instruction on How To Double-Hit a Tennis or Ping Pong Ball

1. Drop the ball on the table or ground to let it bounce up to about chest high.
2. Move the racket quickly vertically (perpendicular to the ground) very close to the ball, but not touching.
3. Touch the ball with small impact velocity.
4. As soon as the racket touches the ball, increase the acceleration of the racket as much as possible.
5. Your swing of the vertically held racket should end up as far back behind your shoulder as possible.
[Note: The entire stroke should be consisted of one smooth swing. Double-hitting became legal in tennis in 1982 and in table tennis in 2004.]

The Jumpulse Stroke

Two-Handed Backhand with Lift and Jumpulse, No Close

Note: The racket moves faster than the ball after the prolonged contact.

With Double-Hitting

Dr. Ta-You Wu Had The Problem Of Touch (Collision Without Bounce)
Solved Before Touch Was Recognized As A Problem
(Click Here for an introduction in Chinese: Ta-You Wu vs. Isaac Newton).
Jumpulse Is The Solution To Touch.

A Problem To Challenge The World

How To Keep A Tennis Ball In Prolonged Contact
With The Racket During Impact ?

Jumpulse can make a car to do the following.

Prolonged Contact happens after collision due to a Jumpulse Mechanism on the red car.

If you have the answer to the above problem, in any language, please email your answer to Prof. Chien Yi Lee
Email: jumpulse(at) (You have matched Dr. Wu in thinking ability !)

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